Photo Printing

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Photo Printing Software Package Photo Printing Software Package

This Photo Printing Software will run on all Windows systems: XP, VISTA, 7 & 8
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How to Print Photos

First, you will need to select the photos you want and load PhotoELF's Print Window:

You may load up to 144 different photos onto one page.

Step 1: Multi-Select the filenames or thumbnails that you wish to print on one page.

Step 2: Click the Print button on the toolbar.

Read: How to Multi-Select Files if you are unsure how to perform Step 1.

You can also multi-select thumbnails.

Once the print page has loaded, you will be able to do the following:
  • Click and drag any photo to position it.
  • Click a photo and then drag a corner to change size
  • Overlap photos
  • Add text
  • Crop, rotate or add masks
  • Right click any photo to view a menu of features
  • Save Projects and Templates
  • Merge the entire layout into 1 big photo

Don't be afraid to experiment with this program.
  • Explore the 6 buttons in the upper right corner
  • SIZE: Change size and location of photos, justify, duplicate etc.
  • CROP: Make exact sizes
  • Text: Add Text and captions to the layout
  • PROJ: Save layouts as Projects to be openned later or save templates
  • CANV: Instead of Printing, you can use the Print Window as a Canvas to layout specific size projects
  • JPG: Merge your entire layout into 1 big photo and save it as a JPG for professional printing