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Photo Printing Software Package Photo Printing Software Package

This Photo Printing Software will run on all Windows systems: XP, VISTA, 7 & 8
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Photo Printing Software to Create Calendars

Using PhotoELF's unique Photo Calendar Printing Software, you can convert any photo into a calendar and print it at home:

Photo Printing Calendars Software Window

Change the colors of the lines and the dates and text.

Photo Calendar created with PhotoELF Software

Fade the Photo for Printing clearer images

Fade the background photo for a better printing effect.

Resulting image of printing a faded photo for a calendar

Software for printing a calendar without a photo

Or remove the photo entirely and just print a calendar month.

image of calendar printed with photo printing software

Or combine a calendar month and a photo together and make a complete calendar year with a different photo for each month.

Printing a combined image of Photo and Calendar Software results

Steps for printing a photo calendar:

  1. Load your photo into the PhotoELF Printing Window
  2. Right Click the photo image and a menu will appear
  3. Select: "Apply Calendar"
  4. The Photo Calendar window will appear allowing you to make any of the modifications listed above.
  5. Choose the month and year for your calendar month creation
  6. Select Line Colors and Font Colors
  7. Apply a transparent mask to the photo to fade it into the background, or leave the photo as is.
  8. When ready, click the "Apply and Return" button to return the newly created calendar to the photo printing window.
  9. Once you are back in the photo printing layout window, you may adjust the size and orientation of the calendar
  10. When ready, click the "Send Page to Printiner" button.

Download PhotoELF and try it out for Free for 30 days. It is 100% fully functional.   Download Page After you install it, be sure to look in the HELP and search for: "Calendar" to help you get started